Google Doodle’s Little Nemo as a tribute to Winsor McCay

Google today published a comic strip “Little Nemo in Google G-Land”. The comic strip pays tribute to Winsor McCay, an artist who became well-known during the early 20th century. Winsor McCay was most famous for an animated cartoon of his entitled “Little Nemo”. Today’s Google Doodle uses elements from the film to animate scenes vertically. Of course, each scene is themed with a letter to spell G-O-O-G-L-E.

The animation is another great display of modern web technology. Google is known to develop most of their javascript projects utilizing their proprietary Closure Library. I had the opportunity to talk to a Google engineer in Irvine about Google Closure. The engineer confirmed that when compared to more common Javascript libraries (i.e. – jQuery, Scriptaculous, MooTools), Closure boasts increased performance and a more intuitive syntax for coders.

View the entire image from “Little Nemo in Google G-Land” below.

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