Challenge: make an entire track with a single sound source

I recently came across this post on  Seemed like a very funny post, but to be honest it made me feel really “out of the loop”.  For one, I never really understood dubstep too much.  Additionally, is “brostep” really a genre?  I don’t get it…

I still wanted to make a track, and I appreciate any form of inspiration.  Among the requirements was to use a sample (.wav) in your track.  For some reason I just decided to go off on a tangent and create the entire track using only that sample as the sound source.  Every element in the track is a manipulation of the .wav file provided.  I also made a small rule for myself to use only Ableton Live elements so I can provide a nice download for people to investigate.

Special thanks to Eprom for his early submission.  I listened to his track for stylistic inspiration (as I am not very keen on dubstep).

Listen to “Brostep Brew” on SoundCloud

Download the entire Ableton Live project file (.zip)

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